Timber vs uPVC – Which is best?

Internal View of New Timber Flush Casement Windows and French Doors, Scarborough, North Yorkshire

You might not realise it, but the window frames that you choose for your home can have a serious impact on the world around you.

Although uPVC windows have seen a surge in popularity in recent times, the charity Greenpeace has highlighted that the production process behind uPVC windows results in the release of seriously poisonous chemicals which are a real threat to the world around us and can significantly harm the environment. This highlights one of the biggest advantages of opting for timber windows, rather than uPVC – they just don’t damage the environment in the same way as they are made from natural materials and non chemical manufacturing processes.

Of course, no matter how environmentally driven we are there are always other good reasons for choosing certain features for our homes. Whilst uPVC has been heavily marketed for its convenience and cost savings, it often doesn’t age that well and can sometimes ruin the look of a home, which could be particularly disastrous for those who are trying to sell their property, even to a not especially discerning buyer. UPVC double glazing is often highlighted as a selling point for a property, however this is often as a comparison to no double glazing at all.

Timber windows on the other hand have long been acknowledged as the most aesthetically pleasing option, with a range of high quality finishes available in a broad spectrum of styles, from casement windows through to sash windows. Opting for that all essential double glazing made from real wood can prevent a drop in the value of your home, as is highlighted by Naomi Cleaver of the Daily Telegraph: “buyers find uPVC windows a turn-off and typically when making an offer on a property with uPVC windows will reduce it by the several thousand pounds.” If your home is a historic property, or isn’t a new build, then it’s essential to ensure that the style of the property is continued throughout to avoid that price drop, and timber windows are really the only way to do this for homes not built in the last couple of decades. Even where you have a new build property that was recently constructed, timber windows can bring a touch of class where uPVC windows just can’t, for all their modern functionality.

At Timber Windows we specialise in offering the very highest quality timber windows and catering to our customers’ specific needs. All our timber windows and doors are bespoke, tailor made specifically for your property to the highest standards, and will help your home look fantastic. Best of all, the process of making timber windows isn’t half as ecologically harmful as that of manufacturing uPVC windows so you won’t have that on your conscience either..


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