The Timber Windows Philosophy

We feel there’s a good chance, that if you are reading this, you’re already some way into your thought process about timber being the material of choice for your home’s new windows and doors; however not all timber is equal, and we invite you to discover what makes Timber Windows stand out from the crowd.

From our founding moment to the present day and beyond, Timber Windows strives to make the best quality products possible. To do this, they must have a high degree of excellence, in terms of design, technical functionality, responsibility, durability and performance.


One of the strongest feelings that owners of characterful homes have, is the desire to do the right thing by their properties; we too recognise the importance of doing what’s right and of historical consideration with an equal level of passion. As part of the architecture of a structure the significance of correct aesthetics and the appropriate design of windows and doors, cannot be overstated.

We take a dual-angled approach to our product range, letting both design and functionality carry equal weighting; with each influencing the other to achieve a superior finished range. Our core products have been perfected over time, all with improved engineering and security in mind. Simply put, our range now provides the basis for products that can be easily tailored to any type of home or style, are historically correct as well as being technically advanced.

Responsibility is the over-arching principle by which we operate, both in terms of the environment, the people we work with and the people we serve.

Through the creation of a high-quality product, with both longevity and durability,  we are playing our part in ensuring that less resources are required to carry out the same purpose over time, and in turn pay respect to both the environment and our customers.

While it may not appear to be sound business sense, we want to make it as easy as possible for a customer to keep our products in their home for as long as possible.

At its very core, as a natural product, timber has repairability as a major benefit; accidents will always happen so it’s reassuring to know that a timber product can be patched up and look as good as new, with no need for replacement, this is in contrast to the disposable nature of many man-made materials.

Extending the life of a product, reduces the need to buy more – buy better, buy less.

As further proof of this, our guarantees are industry leading – we stand by what we make now and, in the future, during their life.

The way we view our customers, and the way we think they view themselves, is not as consumers of our products, rather as owners. There’s a distinct difference – a consumer takes, uses, disposes and repeats, while an owner is empowered to take responsibility for our windows and doors, with a sense of pride.

Turning our attention to the sourcing of timber, our favoured option, and the one chosen by 80% of our customers is Redwood, derived from plantations in Northern Europe, supporting sustainable forest management, and backed by Forest Stewardship Council® (  FSC®) certification (FSC – C124392) and other controlled sources.

European Redwood is the timber used by British joiners of yesteryear, it has proven longevity, is knot-free and stable, and with our engineered processes, even stronger than ever.

By the nature of a sustainable plantation, when trees are felled, new ones are always planted to replace those harvested. The cold climates in which they are nurtured, results in a slow growth that in turn means stronger, knot free timber with low moisture content. In fact, European forests are now growing by around 5,000 sq. km each year – these forests are crucial for the environment, removing Co2 from the atmosphere and locking it away.

We are also able to offer options of Meranti Hardwood and European Oak from sustainable sources.

The sourcing of our raw material and the processes through which it passes are of great importance to another of our measures of high quality; low maintenance. We all know that maintenance is a chore no matter the nature of it, therefore routine cleaning and    lubrication of certain elements will stand you in good stead, and again our guarantees attest to the fact that we stand by our products.

As we’ve set out, our focus is on quality, while other factors that are important to us and our customers, include delivery in a timely manner and provision at a reasonable cost. Our price point and production lead time are reflective of our bespoke products, as well as the attention to detail that goes into everything we do. The materials used, the research, development and sourcing that happens in the background all contribute to delivering high quality products, with guaranteed longevity, which we ensure will exceed your expectations in every area.

Engineered Timber vs. Traditional Wood

Traditional wood is both beautiful and tactile. For many centuries it has been the material of choice for windows and doors throughout Britain and Europe. But traditional wood has innate problems – a natural tendency to expand and contract, and when wet, to warp in the direction of the grain resulting in windows and doors that twist and stick, causing frustration for homeowners.

Engineered, or multilayer timber, is an innovative solution that counteracts these issues. It is created by layering wood sections, with the grain of one section of wood layered in the opposing direction to the grain of its neighbour.


As wet wood has a tendency to warp in the direction of the grain, layering the wood in this way ensures that any movement caused by the absorption of moisture is evened out.

So engineered timber is stronger, longer lasting and resistant to the issues that affect traditional wood. Windows and doors made with engineered timber retain their strength and structure, ensuring that they remain a perfect fit, just as they did on the day they were installed.

Using engineered timber ensures that there is no warping or twisting, sticking or rubbing, no matter how damp the prevailing atmospheric conditions. This makes it the perfect choice for every area of the UK – no matter how exposed the location.

Engineered timber is also far easier to work with. It can be used to meet the design specifications of complex windows and doors much more efficiently than solid wood, yet retaining all of its natural appeal. And whilst state of the art computer controlled machinery inevitably plays its part, all of our engineered timber windows and doors are hand finished before being subjected to rigorous quality control, with every aspect of the construction and glazing fully checked and re-checked.

So put us to the test – visit one of our Timber Windows showrooms and see for yourself how timber has changed.


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