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Conventional Front Doors

hardwood or oak glazed wooden front doors

Glazed or solid wood front doors

We're proud to present a wide variety of designs and configurations of entrance and front doors, built to a quality and specification designed as a real statement piece.

When seeing the doors in the flesh, clients are first struck by the weightiness of the door – an average front door set weighs a formidable ten stone – and how it closes with a reassuringly solid feel. The door blade itself is over two inches thick.

Security is, naturally, paramount; advanced locking mechanisms provide security in excess of the Association of British Insurers approved standards.

Pre-finished prior to arriving on site, our doors are available in a wide range of colours and stains; we can match to any RAL colour or Farrow & Ball or Fired Earth shade. Combining multiple colours on one door set is also popular, most commonly applying a lighter shade internally to complement interior decor.

Finish your new front door with a wide choice of characterful ironmongery or add a feature glass from our signature collection of handmade stain glass motifs that has been uniquely commissioned to complement our range.

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Conventional Front Door in Oxford Clay externally, Off White internally with Signature
‘Bloom’ traditionally made stained glass.

More about our conventional front doors

The front door is a big part of the style and character of the house. UPVC has been used extensively in replacing many front doors in Britain, but it stands out without offering the same charm or appeal as a wooden door. The plastic alternatives do not offer any benefits over a modern timber door as the modern technology now provides a rigid and durable door that restores period properties to their former glory, from Georgian entrance doors to Victorian Front doors all homes can benefit from the natural character of real wood.

We use a combination of the best components to create stunning doors that perform brilliantly and look stunning. We incorporate a letterbox that is weather rated so there is little energy lost through this usual weak point of thermal efficiency in the door.

Engineered timber

Our front doors are produced from a specially constructed timber that is exceptionally strong. This is due to multiple layers of timber arranged so that the grain is laid in the opposite direction to its neighbours.

Any movement caused by moisture goes in the direction of the grain and so each layer works against the next – the result is a timber that is resistant to any warping or twisting, keeping the timber door and frame rigid and fitting perfectly for years, whatever the weather.


The choice of one or two colours from a formidable range of colours is factory applied and hand finished for total protection against the elements. Simple maintenance guarantees at least eight years before a reapplication of paint is required, simply clean in preparation for redecoration when the time comes.

Micro-porous paint or wood stain applied to a super smooth finish, beautiful quality that ensures the timber front door looks as stunning as it performs.

Double glazing

Our conventional front doors can utilise glass panels that feature either patterned or etched glass for privacy and to provide light in a dark hallway. The glass that we use as standard is coated for its thermal and solar properties and the double glazed units are constructed so that virtually no energy is lost through the door.


We carry many different styles of door furniture and accessories to set your new timber door off perfectly. From escutcheons to door knockers, we include some stunning items from the Samuel Heath range, and the Kirkpatrick suite is a must for a very traditional Victorian entrance doors. From antique brass to chrome, there are door chains, letterboxes and thresholds to coordinate with existing accessories.