This substantial former farmhouse in Wolverhampton originates from the Georgian era with a Victorian extension, and until as recently as 25 years ago served as a fully operational farm residence; it is now home to Mr & Mrs Denton, having bought it in the early 2000s.

Perfectly matched to the original windows

“Having the new windows is a double-edged sword really” the Denton’s say with a smile; “they’re so well matched to the originals that they don’t look hugely different and you’d hardly know they’d been replaced, or not from a distance at least but this is a very good thing as we’ve also gained modern benefits.”

Having lived with the old windows in their house for some 12 years, their relief is understandable, “the house had a mixture of metal windows and wooden sash windows; all in various states of dis-repair, some were painted shut and all were draughty.”

The aim of the project was to improve the comfort factors but also to create a uniform look throughout the house, whilst retaining the traditional appearance and ensuring everything was like for like.

Slim sash windows finished in 'Cream' with 18mm astragal glazing bars and Brass hardware. Manufactured in Engineered Meranti Hardwood.

We were pleasantly surprised that they were well within our budget and we could get what we wanted.

Mr & Mrs Denton, Wolverhampton

Within budget and financial reach

“We visited 3 different companies, and had decided that we preferred the Timber Windows products on offer but we didn’t think they’d be within our reach financially. When the quotation came through we were pleasantly surprised that they were well within our budget and we could get what we wanted.”

A total of 45 individual windows and doors were replaced, with the installation time at three weeks for a project of this size, “no amount of words can prepare you for the disruption this scale of works will bring, but we were given a good, comprehensive, logical programme of the process in advance. The team were all very nice and very sympathetic, and did all they could to minimise their impact on us.”

Flush casement windows and slim sash windows in 'Cream'. Also featuring a Kingston stable door finished in 'Black' with a Brass Chatsworth handle. Manufactured in Engineered Meranti Hardwood.

Vast array of timber windows and doors

The products here included an array of slim box sash windows, various flush casements including bay windows, French doors and a duo of stable doors, all manufactured in Engineered Meranti Hardwood and finished in Cream except for the stable doors which are Black on the outside and Cream internally. Every item is slightly different too in terms of styling and extras such as sash horns to match the various parts and periods of the house.

Major improvements to opening, noise and draughts

Overall, the Denton’s are happy with the results, “we’re very pleased indeed and delighted with the movement of the sash windows; opening and closing them is a simple pleasure but we do love to, just because we can now. The stable doors are a fantastic addition too, aesthetically pleasing and giving much more light inside; they’re very practical with pets and children.

“One elevation of the house overlooks a busy road, which is where our daughter’s bedroom is; she hardly hears any noise from the road now as a result of the new windows, so this is also very pleasing.”


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