Stained glass can be traced back to multiple ancient civilisations and cultures worldwide with earliest records placing it in the 7th century in Britain. Stained glass has a long history in Roman, Egyptian and Medieval society, and is still a staple of British heritage today, almost synonymous with Christianity and visual story telling from the Bible.

Its use, however, became more widespread throughout the centuries, being more commonly used in the Catholic faith with its gothic styling now a prominent feature in cathedrals.

Belbroughton door with sidelights and toplights, featuring recreated bespoke stained-glass designs.

Stained glass in the home

In the 15th century, stained glass started to become a fashionable addition to residential homes, with designs detailing coats of arms and family shields being a popular choice in larger homes and public buildings.

Much more than an ancient story-telling medium, stained-glass designs are an art form and can enhance many settings.

An arched flush casement window, featuring recreated bespoke stained-glass designs.

Retaining the unique glass design

Mr & Mrs Phillips wanted to update all the windows and doors in their West Midlands home, those with regular glass and those with special feature patterns, while ensuring that the unique glass designs were retained. The old glass was beyond the point of re-use but we were able to recreate the designs in all cases to directly replace them, in turn also making them much more energy efficient with the use of modern glazing.

Circular flush casement window, finished in “Off-White” featuring recreated bespoke stained-glass designs.

Perfect match

Extensive use of stained glass was present, including the front door and side panels, a circular feature window in the kitchen and a pairing of an ecclesiastical style door and window. With their pointed arch heads, they make a bold statement and the new glass is a near perfect match, now more vibrant than ever.


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