In safe hands

“When we bought the house in 2013, it had ugly 1980’s poor quality, wooden casement windows fitted”

Mrs Bush describes their home in the leafy suburbs of Sheffield,

“they were beginning to decay, some of the glazing had blown but most importantly, they didn’t suit the age of the property or match the adjoining houses of the same time period, so basically they had to go!”

Large slim sash windows finished in 'Off-White' with 27mm astragal glazing bars and Brass hardware.

“In the Timber Windows of Sheffield showroom we got a good idea of the quality of the product, the timber, the gas fill between the glazing, the paint durability and all the style options available.”

Splitting the project into two phases to fit in with their general schedule of renovation works in the house, the first phase tackled the upstairs windows, while the second phase, a year later tackled the huge bay windows,

“We were so pleased with the quality of the work from phase one, we had no hesitation going with Timber Windows of Sheffield again.”

Bespoke fixed arched window finished in Off-White, manufactured in Engineered Meranti Hardwood.

The stone build nature of the house presented several problems in the replacement of the bay windows, most notably that the stone bases were loose and there were large voids where original packing had decayed – Mrs Bush describes how the team dealt with the problems they faced,

“They didn’t just fit and run, they spent hours securing and repointing the loose stone, also considering the implication of the voids by insulating them so we ended up with beautiful, secure windows that wouldn’t be letting all the heat escape around the sides.”

“We are absolutely delighted with the quality of the windows, the standard of workmanship in the construction, and the thoughtful and skilful way they were fitted. Every single tradesman that has been in our house for subsequent works has commented positively on the windows and wanted to know where we got them from.”

“In terms of the planning and fitting experience, I found Bev, Chris and the team at Timber Windows of Sheffield really efficient and knowledgeable. They were on the ball with their paperwork, they stuck to their deadlines and appointments, and did all the work in the allocated time. All of which makes you feel that you are in safe hands.”

“When it came to the delivery and fitting days, they were prompt and hardworking, and explained the progress of the project in as much detail as I needed, kept as much as they could clean or protected, and cleaned up thoroughly after themselves.”

“The house has become a wonderful warm retreat”

“They don’t look like replacement windows and in terms of proportions and style, can pass as originals, except that they are so much brighter, warmer, quieter and in much better condition than originals; for us it’s the best of both worlds.”



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