Stand out from the crowd

In a village near Macclesfield, Cheshire, the early 1800s terraced cottage of Mr & Mrs Upton has had a long-awaited facelift, “we’ve wanted to change them for a long time, the previous windows and door were old and had rotted”.

“We looked down the street for inspiration, but no-one has the originals anymore, and no-one had done anything we wanted to mimic, so we did our own thing to stand out, in the best way.”

“David from the Knutsford showroom was able to present digital mock ups of our house, this really helped our decision making and to see options we hadn’t even considered.”

Cheshire cottage with newly installed timber windows and doors 2
Cottage flush casements and Chalfont entrance door finished in ‘French Grey’, manufactured in Engineered European Redwood.

Proud Homeowners

A Chalfont front door has a combination of reassuring solidity and glass panels that allow extra light through, while the black hardware gives a nod to the history of the house. Cottage flush casement windows with slender 18mm astragal bars are presented in a French Grey painted finish to provide a unified appearance with the door.

“The front rooms are so much lighter now – this is despite us thinking we may have to make a compromise on this in order to have the bar design we liked, so it has been a revelation to discover that we weren’t sacrificing light.”

“We’re absolutely thrilled with how it has turned out, and are just so proud of how the house now looks.”

“We’ve now got the best-looking house in the village!”

It’s a common misconception that having glazing bars in windows will make for a darker room, this is however not the case as high-quality glass will allow for a light filled room, while glazing bars add a level of interest and detail.

“Having a fairly busy road to the front of the house, we’d often been disturbed by passing pedestrians and traffic, but it is so different and quiet now.”

Black architectural hardware provides a nod to the history of this early 19th century cottage.


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