With stunning views of the nearby cathedral and on the doorstep of its very own church, this former rectory in a Cambridgeshire village has been modernised for family living while its authenticity and character remain fully intact, retaining original features such as flooring and fireplaces from its 1860s origins.

Flush casement windows finished in ‘Porcelain’ with 18mm astragal glazing bars.

Holistic approach to eco efficiency

Moving into the new home with their young family a couple of years ago, Mr & Mrs Waterson quickly realised that the windows and doors were in need of urgent attention,

“it was immediately obvious that we needed new windows; we hung ridiculously thick curtains to keep the draughts out but they were rotten and even had insects nesting in them…this became the first job in the house as a result”.

A sizeable property such as this requires a lot of heating to feel comfortable, so the owners had eco-heating installed throughout and it was therefore important for them that draughty, old windows didn’t undo the efforts being made to retain the warmth.

Bardwell entrance door finished in ‘Porcelain’ externally and ‘Off-White’ internally with a Polished Chrome Chatsworth handle and Medium sized Samuel Heath letterplate, while the toplight has the house name sandblasted onto clear glass.

Replicating Elegance

“We were keen to maintain the look of the building and replicate the window design”

Mrs Waterson explains,

“the glazing bars on our new windows are particularly elegant, and this was something we really noticed when researching window suppliers, as products from other companies just seemed to have bars that were too chunky to suit the design”.

Flush casement windows were installed throughout, some towering at over 2.6 metres tall, and all were given a painted finish in the shade of ‘Porcelain’ externally and ‘Off-White’ internally, as well as 18mm astragal bars. The front door has the same finish as the windows, with the toplight featuring the sandblasted house name.

There was one change however that Mr & Mrs Waterson made to their new windows, compared to those they replaced,

“we decided to be brave with the colour choice, choosing ‘Porcelain’ over the traditional white, as we’d seen other houses using soft greys like this and we’d been impressed with the effect. We’re really happy we made this choice, the finish is one of softness and they match really well with the tone of the brickwork.”

“We are very pleased with the windows and doors; we get a lot of people passing by and commenting on them, many are convinced they’re the originals that have been painted nicely, which shows that it’s been a good job of matching the old ones”.


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