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Stable Doors

Pleae take a look through the collections of ironmongery that are available with your new stable doors. From door knockers to door chains, we supply all the necessary items to keep you safe and secure whilst coordinating with your existing colour ranges and styles.

Please click on the images to get a closer view or the quality and details - you will find letterboxes and letterplates, door knobs, escuheons and  spyholes - all you will need to complete the functionality and provide peace of mind at the same time.

Items are available in a range of brass, chrome, bronze and nickel.

Samuel Heath - Ring Door Knockers

Period Door Knockers

Kilpatrick Door Knocker

Samuel Heath - Letter Plates

Samuel Heath - Internal Letter Flaps

Samuel Heath - Large Letter Plates

Samuel Heath - Large Internal Letter Flaps

Standard Letterboxes

Kilpatrick Letterbox

Standard Door knobs

Samuel Heath - Contour Centre Door Knobs

Samuel Heath - Profile Centre Door Knobs

Samuel Heath - Contour Escutcheons

Samuel Heath - Profile Escutcheons

Standard Escutcheons



Fitted to complement handle colour

Security Chains