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Stable doors

Matching timber flush casement windows with stable door in Oxford Clay

Glazed or solid wood stable doors

Highly practical and with a unique style, Stable doors are a natural choice for a kitchen or as a back door. With the ability to open the top half of the door whilst keeping the lower half shut, perfect for homes with children or animals as the wooden stable door  still allows fresh air in. Stable doors lend themselves readily to barn conversions and can finish the country look and feel.

Security features highly with the stable door using multi-point locking mechanisms with Secure By Design standards being easily met through hook bolts and deadlock. The timber stable doors are hung on fully adjustable strong hinges and fitted with lever handles on the exterior; both are available in a choice of black, chrome and brass.

We use warp and twist resistant, multi-layered timber throughout our door range which is protected with a factory finished paint or wood stain for a low maintenance long life. Fitted as standard is high specification glazing that ensures your stable doors are secure and environmentally friendly.

Choose from one or more colours from the RAL colour range and complete the look with handles and hinges from our wide range of ironmongery for a striking and distinctive timber stable door.

Click on the hotspots for a closer look

Thorncliffe style Stable Door in Oxford Clay externally, Off‐White internally.

Click on the hotspots for a closer look

Thorncliffe style Stable Door in Oxford Clay externally, Off‐White internally.

Traditional glazed or solid timber Stable doors

More about our Stable Doors

Stable doors are a great choice for any kind of property as the look can be either traditional stable or a more contemporary design that utilises modern glazing and glass options – go for etched or patterned glass for privacy for overlooked entrance doors or have a house name or number etched if it is used as a main entrance door. Glazing motifs are available in a wide choice of designs to add extra flair and style to the glazed stable door.

Engineered timber

We use a superb product that offers a warp and twist free long life. The technique of layering wood sections with opposing grain means that you get a door that is impervious to any movement, the fit is perfect from the off and with minimal maintenance your door will still fit just as beautifully many years later.

Double glazing

High specification glass is used in the stable door double glazed units to ensure building regulations are met with excellent thermal and solar properties, attention to detail throughout the production of the double glazing is thorough from the low conductivity of the spacers to the seal applied on the interior, also of exceptional quality.

Stable door security

As standard throughout our door collection we pay high regard to the levels of security, fitting  " Secure   by  Design "  approved locking mechanisms with hook bolts and deadbolts.


Choose from antique black stable door handles to chrome – whatever your choice throughout your home or your preference, you can complete your stable door with a traditional or modern slant to complement your existing accessories and finish with a flourish.

As well as the stable door handles, we also feature modern door handles from the Samuel Heath range. The stable door handles are available in brass ,chrome and black as well as an antique version also in black.

This beautiful selection offers practicality with a choice of styles to suit your tastes and existing look and colour scheme.

Please click on the images to get a closer look at the quality and finish of these stable door handles.


Samuel Heath - Contour Door Levers

Samuel Heath - Restrained Door Levers

Samuel Heath - Shoulder Door Levers

Chatsworth Handles

Kirkpatrick Handles

Windsor Door Handles

Please take a look through the collections of ironmongery that are available with your new stable doors. From door knockers to door chains, we supply all the necessary items to keep you safe and secure whilst coordinating with your existing colour ranges and styles.

Please click on the images to get a closer view or the quality and details - you will find letterboxes and letterplates, door knobs, escuheons and  spyholes - all you will need to complete the functionality and provide peace of mind at the same time.

Items are available in a range of brass, chrome, bronze and nickel.


Samuel Heath - Ring Door Knockers

Period Door Knockers

Samuel Heath - Letter Plates

Samuel Heath - Internal Letter Flaps

Samuel Heath - Large Letter Plates

Samuel Heath - Large Internal Letter Flaps

Standard Letterboxes

Kilpatrick Letterbox

Standard Door knobs

Samuel Heath - Contour Centre Door Knobs

Samuel Heath - Profile Centre Door Knobs

Samuel Heath - Contour Escutcheons

Samuel Heath - Profile Escutcheons

Standard Escutcheons



Fitted to complement handle colour

Security Chains

Stable doors can have either be solid wood or incorporate glazed sections- for fuss-free privacy you can choose from our range of obscure glass or etched glass. Available in different patterns to suit the level of privacy you require or the style you wish for.

The images enlarge when you click on them so you can get a closer view - we recommend a visit to one of our showrooms so you can choose the right one for you and your property.


Obscure Glass

Etched Glass

Choose from astragals and leaded lights to create the glazing effect to suit your property or style to your new stable doors.

Astragal Bars / Squares

Astragal Bars in widths of 18m, 27mm and 36mm can be added singularly or to emulate small pane glazing.

Leaded Lights

Leaded lights in any configuration are available standard or dark, flat or oval and with hand soldered joints as required. A range of thicknesses may be specified.

Glazing Motifs

A selection of Glazing Motifs based on authentic Victorian designs add feature to entrance doors and are available in a number of colourways.

General Information Stable Doors are made-to-measure and supplied fully factory glazed and finished. Knot-free, engineered, warp and twist resistant timber is used throughout.
Delivery Period Generally 7 – 8 weeks unless otherwise specified
Timber Species Engineered Redwood, Engineered Meranti or Engineered Oak
Profiles Traditional Ovolo Mouldings
Colours & Finish High performance coatings in any standard RAL colour paint finish
Close matching service to any Farrow & Ball or Fired Earth paint colour
Choice of five different stains
Dual colour option
Glazing Internally beaded to prohibit removal of the glass from outside with concealed glazing pins.
Glazing Options Astragal bars or squares – 18mm, 27mm, 36mm
Dummy transoms – 72mm, 100mm
Rectangular or diamond  leaded lights – 6mm, 9mm, 12mm oval or flat, darkened or standard finish with hand soldered option.
Decorative Glazing Options 10 uniquely commissioned stained glass motifs in a range of colour ways available either:
Standard - Double glazed with UV resistant, coloured polyester films applied to the outer pane; or
Signature - Triple glazed using traditional stained glass manufacturing techniques with individuals panes of coloured and textured glass.
Glass 24mm (4/16/4) double glazed units as standard with soft-coat, energy saving glass and argon gas filled sealed units. Choice of clear, patterned, sandblasted or etched glasses which may be toughened or laminated. Self-cleaning and noise reducing glasses available.
Hinges and Locks High security multi-point locking mechanisms featuring hook bolts and cams to Secure By Design standards. Hung on robust, fully adjustable hinges.
Ventilation Trickle vents may be added to head of frame or head of sash – EA1250 (2000), EA2500 (4000), EA5000 (8000)
Handles Standard handle range
Chatsworth handle range (Brass, Chrome, Black)
Kirkpatrick range (Black Iron)
Shapes Toplights, sidelights, arches, raked frames and swept heads within sashes available.
Ancillaries A selection of colour matched timber trims and are available to complement your door
Manufacturing andEnvironmental standards iso 9001 iso 1400 for timber windows and doors