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Patio Doors

Large sliding wooden patio doors onto the garden

Double glazed patio doors

Patio doors offer a very contemporary door for modern properties, they can maximise the feeling of space where it is at a premium as well as allowing the garden to be enjoyed from within the home.

With a possible span of up to 18 metres, timber patio doors can be up to 3 metres wide per pane and have a capability of opening up a wide aperture. The pane options are two, three, four or six and despite the size of the patio doors, they are exceptionally smooth in their operation, and glide effortlessly.

Double glazed units feature high performance glass that saves energy and keeps temperature regulated for comfort and energy efficiency, security is high with anti-lift out devices protecting against forced entry and all doors are fitted with multi-point locking mechanisms.

Available in either engineered Oak, Redwood or Meranti and hand-finished from a wide range of paints or stains for a stunning addition to any garden room.

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Exceptionally smooth gliding, with expansive glass areas

More about our Patio Doors

Very recent in their introduction to Britain, these large doors perfect for use in garden rooms were based on doors used in Japanese architecture and became widespread in Europe around the early part of last century.

There are many options for numbers of door panels and their configurations – the patio doors can all slide or just certain ones, view the styles and configurations here.

Engineered timber ensures that the patio doors remain every bit as perfectly fitting after many years as they are after one day – the timber is twist and warp free due to it’s exceptional strength and is protected with a micro-porous paint or wood stain, and are available hand-finished in hundreds of traditional shades and timber stains. Only minimal maintenance is needed to keep your timber doors in top condition and providing no hassle use for years to come.

Engineered timber

We use very strong and rigid engineered oak, meranti or redwood to produce the formidable patio doors, only a very strong material could cope with the sizes involved.

Multi-layered wood is constructed using different wood sections and results in a superbly strong and resilient material. This very simple yet old method has created many large structures and has been used to build bridges. By layering the wood with the grain running in the opposite direction to its neighbour, any warping is countered by the next layer of wood – it actually works against itself and therefore does not warp or twist. This is obviously an advantage for a great fitting patio door.


Our micro-porous paint or wood stain is perfectly applied for a reliable and thorough protective layer against the weather. With minimum care required for at least eight years to guarantee the timber patio doors against any maintenance. Simply cleaning and inspecting for any damage to the paintwork ensures the wood is protected.

Choose from many colours to coordinate with the existing paintwork and colour schemes – there are over 201 RAL colours and we can match to Fired Earth and Farrow & Ball colours for a beautifully integrated set of patio doors.